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These experiences of users have been submitted for the award of AGFUND.
thanks to all those involved, which means counting Tiflolibros for them!  
Mahfud Chaaban, Spain


iflolibros: the most close library 


 My name is Mahfud, I'm  from the  saharian refugees camps in Argerie.


 I've lived for 13 years in Spain.


Tiflolibros for me  is not only a place where you can get  many books independently where you are living.


For me Tiflolibros is a good place for exchanging experiences between people. As a blind, I got to know more about the tecnology for blind people, I got

the solidarity  from the members of Tiflolibros because always when I ask them material for  the schools of blind people in the refugees camps, they always 

give me a satisfactory answer and many people send me material for my country.


Tiflolibros makes     eassier getting books  not only for  your free time,   but also for the  University  or if you are researching about any topic, you

can find a lot of information there and if the library hasn't it, you only need to ask help to the members.


Fortunatelly, Tiflolibros is becoming bigger and now you can  find books in several languages, so, if you are  studing any language, you can learn from



As you can see, Tiflolibros is a really big project and really big reality where the books are the best excuse for exchanging experiences and to get a great

oportunity  for meeting  people round the world! 


Mahfud Chaaban  



Onida Bianchi, Venezuela


When I started my walk in tiflolibros, I began to look the boojk's world, I think that this experience is very important in the blind's life because this place open the doors of the world  of the books also, this place can let me see others storys and others persons that they have others problems like my problem, if tiflolibros don't exist the blind life would be incomplete


now wath this place is the support for the blind people and is a wonderful idea for the personal grower.




Luciano de Souza, Brasil


Tiflolibros is in the heart of world blind readers. What would I be without books? Well, it's a nightmare to conceive a life without books. I am brazilian, living in Niterói (Rio de Janeiro), 32 years old, married, working with capital markets project management. Today, I am happy. how many books have contributed to this  happiness? They are undoubtedly more then 400. Libraries have been my church and my medicine. Before the internet age and screen readers, as a natural consequence of not reading, I was a narrow-minded people. After 400 books, we can't remain the same. I am certainly the man books helped to build.

Around 2002, I heard something vaguely about electronic books. Few months after, I  was receiving books from a portuguese mailing list. As in my most optimist dreams, daily, books arrived in my inbox. But, who loves the first book can't stop anymore. I am immeasurably joyful

with the  quantity of new books. However, soon I understood the drama of libraries. They are not simply a collection of books. They are the panorama of the current human knowledge. It's not sufficient to amass new scanned books, it's necessary to represent each area of human knowledge. This is a challenge infinitely big. With my books, I learnt english and spanish and I could overcome the borders of portuguese language.

In the Tiflolibros site, I found a great variety of books. I wanted something about emotional intelligence and I found. I wanted something about the roman impire and I found. I found books about management, philosophy, history,   psychology, computers, languages... and I found literature: the greatest among the arts and the best for the  spirit. As a professional, as a husband, as a father, as a son, as a man, I grew with books. Is there a way more meaningful to help people in their lives? For this reason, I thank enthusiasticly all the Tiflolibros members for the books, for the help, for the friendship,

for the existance. Tiflolibros is a watershed and so that, after the Braille invention, the e-book was the most important  benneffit for blind people around the world.


Karina Ramírez torres, Costa Rica


My name is karina Ramirez, i’m 24 years old and I live in Costa Rica. When I was one month old was diagnosed with a form of cancer in the retina, because of which currently I use a prosthetic eye because my eyes were enucleated to prevent the progression of the disease. For this reason, I am blind since I was very small, so I started on learning the system of Braille since I was five years and thus began to explore the world of literature and books.

            I read everything I could get into Braille system, from magazines to books on any subject that I could get through, here in my country is very difficult to have access to books in Braille because its production is to expensive and the large amount of space they occupy.

            For several years, I had to reread the book I could get in Braille, because there were no more at my fingertips. Later, with my university entrance in 2001, I started using the Internet using a computer equipped with JAWS screen reader program, and by this means I know the existence of the Argentine library Tiflolibros, which was intended to facilitate and bringing reading to blind people through the use of technology, using as supporting computer equipment adapted with a screen reader.

            Particularly, for me the library has been crucial, not only on a personal level and a mere entertainment, but at the level of student and labour. Currently, and because the Costa Rican production available in the library is virtually zero, we are working in coordination with Mr Pablo Lecuona director of Tiflolibros, for putting between library books as much as possible national works, not only literary, but also academic, as those produced by state universities in the country, material that is of vital importance for students with visual disabilities.

            This project has been launched recently, but we are working hard to see very soon the first fruits of this effort.


Hugo Cipolatti, Argentina


A popular statement prays " walked to the slaps like I blind new." I walked this way for the life at the end of 1996, to the slaps. made very little that it had lost the view and among the stupor and the anguish, among the bewilderment and the depression, an idea it terrified me, still more than the same blindness: what  went to to make me with my hours, with my days, with my months. Me died from desires of finding somebody with the one who to speak of the one fear, a therapist, an expert, a public institution or private, somebody to the one who to ask him: "tell me Mister me can  say what carajo I make now that I don't see anything? ".

But there was not case, I live in a very small city (twenty  a thousand inhabitants), here there are not institutions of blind, activities for blind, instructions for blind.

"That is what I need", I told myself, instructions. If I buy a lavarropas who teaches me how to use it? the maker, the technician, I already know, I should ask to the doctor that operated me.

I believe that I didn't tell them that I lost the view in a room of operations, ah, a traumatic experience to all you shine - if it fits the expression -, they operated me of waterfalls and you it removed my retina. In short, what I mean, the one type that operated me was the maker of the lavarropas, to him should ask him.

In that way I proceeded, in the first opportunity in that I traveled to Buenos Aires, I went to their consultation and I asked him, "...  discovers in the administration... " it indicated me. And in the administration, like it usually happens in the administrations, nobody knew anything, a young lady  had never seen a blind man, another didn't know that they used canes and it was convinced that Braille was the inventor of the telegraph, other  asked me if I blind it was written with "s" and the only man of the section it was who gave me the most important orientation "... not I know any, but some institution should have that you occupy of the topic... ".

Total that desisted of my search for fruitless. But, as it lacked enough for the schedule of the community, I left to one optics that promoted some superlentes that are good to see the tele if one has a visual rest, for minimum that this be, and as me a rest has in the right eye... the question is that the thing didn't work. Something did with that telescope species, nevertheless, a later sickness to the experience and the price, among other circumstances, me they took to the decepcionante conclusion that that was not for me. Although - and there is the discovery that  brought me here for these vericuetos of the story -, in the room there was a blind man, one in the flesh as me, but with cane and everything. My lady it counts me to the hearing and I dare to ask him for the manual of instructions: "hello, I am also blind, but I don't know how to use the cane, neither to cut the Milaneses, neither to serve me a beer without it dams the glass vos sabés of some place where me they can guide on the topic, if institutions exist of rehabilitation in the county of Santa Faith? " A woman that  accompanied it  accelerated to answer me, "us also we are of the interior, but I can give him an address where perhaps they can help him." The institution was in Devote, enough far from where we were, but there we were, it was a library for blind or something like that.

A woman assisted us very kindly.

- Look, I will give him the address of an institution of Rafaela, to forty kilometers of where you live; for the one fear of materials and tools (canes, regletas, paper braille), I know a place in Rosario and also,  can you to appeal to the calculation,  won't believe that the science you  has forgotten you.

- Calculation (I interrupted it), that interests me.

- Good, here  can come on Mondays at two in the morning (one schedule this way), and a teacher can explain to him how the programs work, and it can even prove them in one computer that we have here.

- My brother (that was with me)  knows of calculation, we are of the interior and inside a couple of hours we should return you would allow us to see how they work those programs? - Charmed, only the computer now is broken and the one technician will come next month (given the urgency of the case), if they want to return then...

- The truth is that we have left a little uncomfortable, we live to six hundred kilometers of here, thank you of all ways, we will already get ready.

We undertook this way the return, without having advanced neither a step, but already but calm of knowing that the blind men exist, the science has not forgotten them and that it was Marconi and non Braille who it invented the telegraph or was Grahan maybe Bell? Of turn to the payment, I left with my lady to Rafaela, in the address that you/they had given us, the grass was almost more high that the door and a fine spider's web that it hung of the one lintel, gave bill of that converged that it should be the local.

A very kind neighbor corroborated that it had not worked for years, question economic it supposed (not for lack of blind, clear).

The friends contributed information, a library of Córdoba it dictated an introduction course to the calculation for blind Eureka!, only in the telephone that  mentioned the publicity didn't respond nobody and in the radio where they had past the warning informed me about the suspension of the one I study due to an insignificant detail, the lack of a PC for the demonstrations.

The friends brought closer and-mails, the institutions not they responded. Some data obtained in the page of ELEVEN o'clock (but Spain is so far) and finally, a program of "TN" that it connects me with a consultant tiflotécnica of Argentina, where I am able to buy my first reading software, previous cow and bank loan.

From then on up to now a lot of people have passed on the one bridge (already you that the sentence is not this way, but what I go him to to make, the originality sprouts me for the pores), I don't still know how to use the cane or to read the Braille, I have learned of self-taught way to cut the Milaneses and volume beer of the pick of the bottle, but I work in my computer ten hours a day, I made Public Accountant's complete career, I have my study, I can assist the necessities worthily of my family and in the 2001 I subscribed to "TIFLOLIBROS", my manual of instructions for blind.

There I found much more than a virtual library, I found a place where to dissipate my doubts of blind new.

Those "Chicato Boys", like I call affectionately to the members of the discussion list when I refer to them, in a game of words that has their origin in the denomination of "Chicago Boys" with which it is identified in economy to those pupils of the School Monetarist of Chicago and the word "chicato" (whose exact spelling ignores) of the dialect Piedmontese (piemontés), of habitual use in this area of Italian immigrants whose meaning is "shortsighted"; they are always there, by return of post, to shake hands, to send an address, a program, an advice, to count its experience or to offer their opinion, unselfishly, each time that I request them to him.

 Hugo Cipolatti Sunchales, county of Santa Faith, republic Argentina  NOTES: none of the related episodes is work of my imagination, perhaps exaggerated or enriched, but never fabulados.

In my city, still today, I don't know the existence of others people non seers qualified to operate a processor.

Not you of somebody that reads or write in Braille and newly ago some months I met a youth that learned fifty-fifty to to manage the white cane, in the nearest center of rehabilitation, distant to more than hundred fifty kilometers.

It will be then - although of being seen it doesn't try - the enormous one importance as regards communication and integration that Tiflolibros constitutes for who subscribes this article.


Ania Miner, Spain


My relationship with Tiflolibros.


My name is Ania Miner and I am a young Spanish girl aged 25, i’m finishing my law studies, and I am blind since I was born.

            As a young girl and because I’m interested in anything that opens my horizons, I am a great reader. I know Braille since I was very small and this has allowed me to explore many different worlds as I read books. That also allowed me to see through the eyes of the characters in these books and it has my thanks image of the things that surround me is more accurate.

            Some time ago when I was saling from Internet looking for eBooks to download, I found by chance the page of the library of Tiflolibros. After an initial and fast inspection, I decided to sign up to download a few books that I was looking for and I couldn’t found anywhere else. Since that day I can say that I downloaded not only library books but I myself have contributed to scan and make available to the people of Tiflolibros

several titles they did not have.

            Although I am Spanish, in my Autonomous Region we speak a very old language called Euskera, or Basque language, and I must say that the library Tiflolibros is the first Internet site where I found eBooks in this language for downloading. For those who love our mother tongue anda are blind and don’t have opportunities to get to read books in this language, it is exciting to think that there are people who worked to help to become easyer to rich to the leter that are so precious.

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